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NLIS Approved Pig Ear Tags

From 1 February 2018, Australian state and territory governments will be introducing mandatory reporting of all pig movements - this includes movements from your PIC to another property due to a change of livestock ownership, to saleyards, to abattoirs and to events/shows. 

The new rules apply to all pig owners and producers. Regardless of whether you’re moving one pig or 100,000 pigs it must be reported to the PigPass database.

To be able to update pig movements in the PigPass system, every individual animal must be identified. There are only two methods for identification approved by Australian Pork Limited (APL); either brand tattoos or NLIS approved ear tags.

Which colour NLIS Pig Tag do I need?

  • Yellow (Breeder) - A yellow tag is applied to pigs on their property of birth and they must be tagged in the pig’s left ear
  • Orange (Post Breeder) - An orange tag is applied to pigs no longer on their property of birth and they must be tagged in the pig’s right ear

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