Cattle NLIS Tags

Cattle NLIS Tags

We make it easy to order fully accredited NLIS cattle tags online!

Our NLIS approved cattle tags are manufactured by Leaders Products and ensure that lifetime traceability of cattle can be easily identified and recorded within Australia. Australia’s whole-of-life cattle identification system aims to ensure that individual animals can be traced from property of birth to slaughter to meet bio-security, food safety, product integrity and market access requirements.

State & Territory NLIS Rules & Regulations 
Although the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is nationwide, regulation vary between livestock industries, as well as states and territories. If you're unsure of the NLIS requirements for your location, please refer to the below information:

Larger Order?

If you need to order more than 1000 NLIS cattle tags please email us or ring directly on 0411 108 404, for our best price.

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Enviro NLIS Cattle Tag (EID / RFID NLIS) - Female & Male Set

**** You DO NOT have to order the Male Tags separately this product comes as a FEMALE + MALE Se..

$2.84 Ex Tax: $2.58

Enviro NLIS Cattle Tag + Matching Management Tag

Enviro NLIS Cattle Tag (Female & Male Button Set) + Matching Management Tags*** IMPORTANT ***Mat..

$3.97 Ex Tax: $3.61

Leadertronic HDX NLIS Cattle Tags (EID / RFID NLIS) - Female & Male Set

**** You DO NOT have to order the Male Tags separately this product comes as a FEMALE..

$3.30 Ex Tax: $3.00

NLIS Male Button - ONLY

NLIS Male Button - ONLYYou do not need to order Male Tags  separately as the Enviro tags come a..

$0.60 Ex Tax: $0.55