Cattle Applicators

Cattle Applicators

To ensure that your cattle ear tagging process is easier, less stressful for your animals and increases long-term tag retention, it’s important to choose the correct ear tag applicator for the brand of ear tags being used.

Cattle tag applicators are not all the same and are not cross-compatible with all ear tags. There are often subtle differences between applicators in the shape of the jaws and/or the length of the pin. This can cause application and ear tag retention issues.

Our cattle tag applicators are designed to work with Leaders Products ear tags, if you’re unsure which applicator to choose – email us or ring directly on 0411 108 404, we’re here to help.

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Leader Standard Deluxe Applicator (Best for NLIS and Management Tags)

Standard Deluxe Applicator - CattleThe Standard Deluxe Cattle Applicator uses a flip out pin design ..

$28.00 Ex Tax: $25.45

Marking Pen - Flexible Tags

Improved Leader Pen with broad tip. Markings penetrate deeply and are quick drying. Black ink..

$11.20 Ex Tax: $10.18