Goat NLIS Tags

Goat NLIS Tags

We make it easy to order fully approved NLIS goat tags online!

Our NLIS approved goat tags are manufactured by Leaders Products and ensure that lifetime traceability of goat can be easily identified and recorded within Australia. Australia’s whole-of-life goat identification system aims to ensure that individual animals can be traced from property of birth to slaughter to meet bio-security, food safety, product integrity and market access requirements.

State & Territory NLIS Rules & Regulations 
Although the National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) is nationwide, regulation vary between livestock industries, as well as states and territories. If you're unsure of the NLIS requirements for your location, please refer to the below information:

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Leadertag NLIS Goat Tag (Visual NLIS)

Leadertag NLIS Goat Tag (Visual NLIS)NLIS approved Leadertags goat tags are designed for long-t..

$0.37 Ex Tax: $0.34

Multitag NLIS Goat Tag (Visual NLIS)

Multitag NLIS Goat Tag (Visual NLIS)Multitag NLIS goat  tags are designed for Australia’s ..

$0.37 Ex Tax: $0.34

Multitronic HDX NLIS Goat Tag (EID / RFID NLIS)

Multitronic HDX NLIS Goat Tag (EID RFID NLIS)Multitronic NLIS goat tags include an RFID component fo..

$1.75 Ex Tax: $1.59